Record 3 Pieces Of Your Choice And I will Listen In Detail And Guide You On Your Next Steps To More Musical Mastery...
Take Your Flute Playing Skills To The Next Level. Fix Technical Problems. Play More Musically. Improve Your Sound.
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Flute performance review
Submit 3 pieces of music to me via video and I will give you written feedback on your playing, and how you can take your flute skills to the next level. Just email me your video recording. You can do this by uploading your video to google drive and making the link sharable to me, or upload to a private YouTube video where only you and I will have access to it, or send something to me via drop box. Basically any method to get the video to me is fine. Just send to: and I will get back to you within 24 hours.
Liz will listen within 48 hours and send you a detailed report on your playing.
Record your pieces on video and send to Liz at 
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  • Upload files to google drive and make link shareable.
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  • Send your shareable links to Liz at:
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